Tanaïl Nearby Attractions


  • Tanaïl Lake: The lake is a wonderful tranquil spot to see wildlife and nature. You can also visit Deir Tanaïl, a historic convent with a café. Bikes are available for hire for rides by the lake. This location is eight minutes by car from Massaya Tanaïl. www.roadtriphacks.com/taanayel 


  • Anjar Umayyed City Ruins: Substantial remains of a once great trading centre at Anjar have been unearthed and restored. They were not discovered until the 1940s and include two palaces, a mosque and a public bath. The ruins are 15 minutes by car from Massaya Tanaïl. www.middleeast.com/anjar 

  • Rayak Train Station: The city of Rayak, in the middle of the Beqaa Valley near Zahle, was once a junction in the Arab rail network. Now disused, its train station remains an impressive relic of an ambitious era for rail travel. You can reach it in 25 minutes by car from Massaya Tanaïl. www.blogbaladi.com/rayak-train-station 

  • Museum of Terbol: The museum is an old farmhouse, built from sun-dried bricks coated with clay and marl, then whitewashed. A wide collection of old tools that were used by Lebanese farmers is displayed. It is located 25 minutes by car from Massaya Tanaïl.


  • Temples of Baalbeck: Located in the modern-day town of Baalbeck, these ruins stand tall with towering monuments and impressive columns. The greatest temples at the site are the temples of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus. These temples are a 1-hour drive from Massaya Tanaïl. www.rachelsruminations.com/baalbek-ruins-in-lebanon/                                 



  • Khan El Maksoud: A restaurant serving four different formulas of Lebanese food. www.arcenciel.org/activities/ecolodge-de-taanayel


  • Berdawni: A street where you can enjoy Lebanese food, ice cream and Arabic sweets. 


  • Al Shams Restaurant: A restaurant in Anjar that serves Middle Eastern cuisine. www.shamsrestaurant.com 


  • Chtaura Park Hotel: Located in the heart of the Beqaa Valley, it is an ideal destination for family escapes, business trips and parties. The hotel offers 75 comfortable and newly renovated rooms and suites, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. +961 8 540 011 www.chtauraparkhotel.com


  • Massabki Hotel: An exclusive hotel in Chtaura, featuring traditional yet comfortable furniture. Beautiful courtyards and woods surround the hotel, which also has its own private river. +961 8 544 644 www.massabki-hotel.com


  • Layali Al Shams Hotel: Surrounded by beautiful gardens and green spaces, Layali El Shams hotel has 20 luxury suites and a swimming pool. +961 76 622 600 www.booking.com/hotel/lb/layali-al-shams


  • Grand Kadri Hotel: In the heart of Zahle, this is one of the remaining historical landmark hotels in Lebanon, where the architectural style combines oriental aesthetics with a modern touch. +961 8 800 038 www.grandkadrihotel.com  

  • Beit El Kroum: Beit El Kroum Boutique Hotel at Zahle offers views across the Beqaa Valley and cosy accommodation along with free wi-fi, a bar and an outdoor pool. +961 71 809 306 www.booking.com/hotel/lb/beit-el-kroum-boutique
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