Faqra Nearby Attractions

On your way to the mountains, at 300m altitude, 30 minutes to Massaya Faqra (1700m):

  • Jeita Grotto: Jeita Grotto is one of the wonders of the natural world. A spectacular system of limestone caves and chambers 18km north of Beirut, it is the jewel of tourism in Lebanon. There are two main caves. Visitors can take a magical guided boat trip through the lower cave and explore the cathedral-like wonder of the upper cave via a walkway. The caves have the world’s longest stalactite, which stands at 8.2 meters tall. There is a visitor centre with information, shops and a restaurant. From here, it is a 30-minute drive to Massaya Faqra on the main road that takes you from the coast to the mountains. +961 9 220 840/1/2/3 www.jeitagrotto.com 


Walking distance from Massaya Faqra:

  • Natural Bridge: This natural bridge was carved over the centuries by wind and water. The 38 metre bridge, at 1300 meters above sea level, is so perfect it is hard to believe it was created by nature. From Massaya Faqra it is a pleasant 5-minute trek. www.middleeast.com/faqra 


  • Roman Temple: The temples of Qalaat Faqra at 1550 meters are among the most extensive Roman ruins in Lebanon. The site is dominated by a huge tower that looms 15 meters over the site; this tower originally had a third story and a pyramid-shaped roof. This awesome site is a 10-minute walk from Massaya Faqra. www.middleeast.com/faqra

  • Bike renting: To tour the area, there are rental bikes 5 minutes from Massaya Faqra.

Nearby, less than 15 minutes by car:

  • Chabrouh Dam: The Faraya-Chabrouh Dam was completed above the village of Faraya in 2007 to create a reservoir of water for irrigation and to supply villages in the area. It is 15 minutes by car from Massaya Faqra. www.wikipedia/Chabrouh-Dam


  • Mar Charbel: Mar Charbel is a 24-meter-high statue erected on Faraya’s Mount of the Cross as a towering monument to Saint Charbel. This dramatic figure stands on a mountaintop and is 15 minutes from Massaya Faqra by car.

  • ATV: Experience off-road thrills as you venture through Lebanon’s most stunning scenery with All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) tours for families, beginners, and experienced riders. 


  • Mzaar Ski Resort: Regarded as the Middle East’s largest ski resort, Mzaar has 25 chairlifts, 50 runs and 100km of ski terrain. Skiing ranges between heights of 1,850 metres at Mzaar-Kfardebian and 2,465 metres on the peak above Mzaar. On the top of Mzaar slope there is a view over the Beqaa valley, Mount Hermon and the Anti-Lebanon mountain range, as well as other peaks. Coastal towns and Beirut can be seen on clear days. It is 10 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 70 103 222 www.mzaarskiresort.com 


  • Faqra Ski Resort: Faqra resort, known as Faqra Club, is one of the world's first private ski clubs. It has four chairlifts between heights of 1,765 metres and 1,975 metres. It is 10 minutes away by car from Massaya Faqra. +961 70 103 222 www.skileb.com


  • Snowmobile: Embrace a thrilling adventure through Lebanon’s most stunning scenery.

  • Snowshoes raquette, cross-country skiing and nordic skiing: Take advantage of a great opportunity to make your way on foot across Lebanon’s stunning snowscape.

Nearby Restaurants:

  • Chez Michel: Traditional Lebanese restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. 2 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 9 300 060


  • Kalaat Fawaz: Traditional Lebanese menu, indoor and outdoor seating. 2 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 9 323 061


  • Fawzi: Well-regarded restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. 8 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 3 406 575

  • Aand Shaker: Popular traditional restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. 8 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 9 341 800


  • Black Rock Lodge: Restaurant specialising in meat dishes. 10 minutes from Massaya Faqra. +961 70 009 199 www.blackrockdining.com


  • Al kanater: Selection of traditional Lebanese dishes, indoor and outdoor seating. 10 minutes from Massaya Faqra +961 9 300 818

Hotels ranked by distance:

  • Terre Brune: Provides spacious, contemporary rooms. +961 9 300 060 www.terrebrunehotel.com


  • Urban Faqra: Charming hotel. +961 9 341 541 www.urbanfaqra.com


  • Montagnou: An alpine experience. +961 9 341 441 www.montagnou.com


  • Faqra Club: A club house hotel. +961 9 300 601 www.faqraclub.com


  • Faraya Village Club: A hotel in a charming village. +961 9 320 666 www.farayavillageclub.com


  • Intercontinental: Ski resort hotel by the ski slopes. +961 9 340 100 www.icmzaar.com


  • Eleven Hotel: Boutique hotel. +961 9 341 741 www.hotel-eleven.com

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