Valentine getaway
massaya sets the mood for
valentine's weekend
Valentine’s weekend is the signal for romance and we’re spreading the love across four nights up to February 14th. It’s a time when lovers around the world make a point of dining out in cozy surroundings with a bottle of wine and a delicious meal. At Massaya Faqra we’ve prepared all that – and there’s the moonlight over the mountains for extra effect.

From Saturday to Tuesday we’re offering a choice between the Fireplace à la carte menu or a special Valentine dinner starting with soup, a special starter, filet orlove (for two) and a sumptuous dessert. With open wine this is a romantic bargain at $150 a couple.

choose a valentine night of high romance
Of course you don’t have to be in a couple to enjoy the delights
of Faqra. The SunsetBar will be open with the à la carte menu
and a welcome for everyone.
for your bookings +961 70 122 414
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