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As the vogue for globalization begins to fade, it is becoming clear that the winemaker and the chef are moving in the same direction. They share a mission to work with fresh and local ingredients to provide the best gastronomic experience for their customers. For chefs, this is often a new priority. However, most winemakers in Lebanon are placing more emphasis on neighborhood vineyards so the grapes do not need to be transported across long distances at harvest time.

You will see from many menus that a restaurant with a modern outlook likes to highlight its supply of locally sourced meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese. This is not just good for the taste of the food, it is also important for the survival of regional farmers and environment. Moreover, it helps building proximity with their consumers.

Similarly – and especially at Massaya – winemakers will choose to harvest quickly when the fruit is at a perfect state of ripeness and to transport the grapes swiftly. This approach, done with utmost care, produces an even better result in the bottle as the wine maker respects the personality of the grape.

Yes, the ingredients of food and wine are fresh and seasonal, but still we can find some cooking techniques that are global. This can be through the spices the chef uses, the cooking methods and the marination. The combination of local ingredients and international flavorings can add imagination to the food menu. To complement that, it is crucial that the wine list is put together with the same flair and ambition.
The wines of Lebanon have a significant role in complementing a well-prepared meal, not only for the texture and rhythm of the wine but also because they show that the restaurant has understood the benefit of choosing hidden jewels for its guests. Wines from Lebanon, on any wine list, show that the restaurateur is selecting wines that contribute to the success of a meal and the reputation of the restaurant.

Wines from Lebanon can create an ambiance during a dinner just like good music. Just like a fortune teller, they excite the imagination of those who drink them. Thanks to their finesse, they elevate one’s dining experience.

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