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Springtime is probably the happiest season as it signals a new beginning in nature’s great cycle of life. On the mountains the snows begin to melt, the flowers show their colours and everywhere the sun spreads the warmth of optimism.

At Massaya we too contribute to the good mood. March is the month when the grapes from last year's harvest are revealed in two new wines. We are delighted with the 2016 vintages of Massaya Blanc and Massaya Rosé. They are Lebanon's summer in a bottle.

Refreshing as an aperitif and blended to be perfect partners with Lebanon's cuisine, these fresh new wines are a delight. Our winemaker has produced the quality and flavour that wine lovers have come to expect year after year from Massaya.



The white is a subtle blend of five grape varieties: Clairette, Vermentino (also called roll), sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and obeidi. They have been fermented in oak at Faqra to produce a gorgeous light yellow wine with golden hues. With a nose of white flowers, the wine is fresh with a balanced crispness that lingers on the palate.



The rosé is a blend from three red wine grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Syrah. With a beautiful salmon pink colouring, the rosé has a nose that is flowery with hints of red fruits. The freshness of the chilled wine is ideal for outdoor drinking and looks and tastes lovely alongside salads and fish.

We're confident that you will be as pleased as we are with Massaya Blanc and Rosé 2016 and we look forward to your feedback and to welcoming you to our winery at Faqra.

Meanwhile, springtime marks the start of another cycle in the magical process of making wine. The Massaya team are already preparing for the 2017 harvest by pruning the vines, ploughing the soil and working to make sure that each grape variety and each vineyard receives the individual attention that will deliver a brilliant result. Our winemaker believes the key difference between an acceptable wine and a wine with true personality lies in the painstaking hard work that takes place in the vineyards.

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