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Around the world, people are enjoying wine from Lebanon. That’s the clear message from the latest sales data that show exports increased by 12 percent in 2016 to a total of $15,468,000. While this figure is slightly below the record set in 2014, it is clear that Lebanon’s wine sector has recovered strongly from a slowdown during 2015.

Taking the figures from the past ten years, wine exports from Lebanon have risen annually by an average of 5 percent in value and 2.5 percent in volume.


Massaya’s sales performance remains impressive with a market share that varies between 6 and 15 percent, depending on the countries. Our emphasis has been on extending the reach of our highest quality wines that have been well received in a market often driven by a search for bargains.

We are looking to grow our share of international business and we are confident that our policy, established some 15 years ago, of letting the wines speak for themselves is working well. Rather than engage in glitzy promotions, we prefer to rely on word of mouth from our customers to build the reputation of Massaya and to spread a positive message about Lebanon generally.


Looking at the wine sector overall, we and our producer colleagues now have a significant foothold in the British market that consumes one out of every three bottles Lebanon exports. The US takes 17 percent of Lebanon’s exports, followed by France with 12 percent, UAE 7 percent and Canada 6 percent. We are looking to Hong Kong and Asia in general where at present we have a tiny presence but where there is great potential as wine buyers become more adventurous and more aware of the Lebanese brand.


Massaya has a key role to play in helping to build an international wine reputation for Lebanon. We take our message of heritage, quality and identity into foreign markets and our success is reflected in our sales performance and that of other wine producers. Whenever wine from Lebanon finds new outlets there is a benefit to us all.

At the same time we must be aware of the business challenge from wine imported into Lebanon. We believe that Massaya’s quality stands out but in a price sensitive environment we recognize that the home market is complex and requires an aggressive commercial approach.

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