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 Experience arak making & enjoy Lebanon in its deep-rooted traditions
Arak workshop #4- 1st of May 2009,
the arak workshop starts at 10:30am while the Buffets are served at 13:30


The workshop

From 10:30 start arak triple distillation with a craftsman:  turn wine into brouillis,  transform brouillis  into quality eau de vie, gently distil the eau de vie  into arak, taste the impact of ageing arak in Beit Chebab clay jars, learn how to test arak strength....
Along with the four (800 liters) large stills 1 small (20 liters) karakeh will be provided to allow you to clean and fill of the stills at 11:00, 12:30, 16:00
We advise you arrive before 11:00 to enjoy the group guided tours and to open and clean a large still with us between 11:00 and 12:00.

The entertainment
Two different buffets will be served- Live Oud- Zajal- Fortune teller- Certificate of attendance- Wif- Backgammon... Clown and children's entertainer in  shaded area- Donkey ride...

You can choose between two buffets, the Relais menu and the Karakeh menu both served at 13:30.
The Buffet Campagnard of the Relais will be an updated formula of our Sunday menu served for successful 8 years, while the Karakeh menu will be prepared on the firewood ember of the running stills.
For additional menu details please visit menu, 'summer' and 'additional' sections.
We  have added a shaded children's entertainment area with clown, face painting, donkey ride, while  the adults can relax on outdoor sofas, listening to the oud and the zajal and playing backgammon...

Dress code: casual, sun protection- sun-block, hats strongly advised

Reservations are a must:
 +961 (0)3 735 795

Adults: $37; children between 15-10: $20, 
between 9-4: $15 and nannies: $20

or by email:
bookings & inquiries

Previous arak workshop pictures below
Outdoor pictures:
summer pictures
Arak pictures: arak pictures

Access map please visit :
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valet parking available -  
assistance with accommodation-
inquiries on 08-510 135

 Arak workshop #3- 1st of MAy 2008 as part of Back to Bacchus, Massaya's 10th anniversary celebrations

Arak workshop 2007 version #2:

How to make arak?
How to make arak is a question that you might ask yourself;
our answer is on the first of May of each year,
we organize an arak workshop just to help you answer this question

Arak workshop 2006 version #1:

Broadcast |
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Certificate of attendance | Click here for a larger view

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Massaya has an open door policy:

Any time you come to Massaya Lebanon, it is our duty
to show you the arak premises -distillery, ageing area, bottling area….
we firmly believe that transparency reinforces trust