The French Connections

Every start-up enterprise needs a helping hand and from it’s early days in business Massaya has been fortunate to have the support of two distinguished French winemakers. Sami Ghosn made the connection in 1998, first with Dominique Hebrard in Bordeaux and with the brothers Frederic and Daniel Brunier whose Vieux Telegraphe estate is one of the most reputed at Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the southern Rhone. Both Hebrard, who now heads an estate that carries his name and the Brunier brothers came to Tanaïl and were fascinated by the Beqaa terroir and impressed by the work that Sami and Ramzi Ghosn were doing. They recognised that Massaya was on the threshold of success and became both advisors and investors.
By using blends of grapes similar to those at Vieux Telegraphe, Ramzi at Tanaïl has produced the full bodied Massaya Reserve and the range of other red wines. Most of these are now matured in the naturally cool cellars at Faqra.
‘Suprisingly, Lebanon's terroir remains untapped,’ says Ramzi. ‘It’s the Brunier and Hebrard support that allows us to understand it and explore it.’