June 22 - June 22 ,
The Stars of London's Moro Restaurant
We are delighted to invite you to our first guest chefs event of 2019.

Two of London’s most celebrated chefs will be creating a special set lunch at Massaya Faqra on Saturday June 22 and will be cooking the main courses for Sunday Brunch the following day. This is a great opportunity to meet and savour the cooking of Samuel and Samantha Clark, more widely known as Sam and Sam.

The couple made a huge impact on London dining when they opened their restaurant Moro in 1997 with a menu based on their favourite food experiences that they recorded during their travels through Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Established in the buzzy Exmouth Market, Moro was named the best new restaurant in 1997, and in 1998 it won the BBC Good Food Best Restaurant Award, and has remained popular ever since. Meantime, Sam and Sam widened their offering by opening two tapas and mezze eateries called Morito.

So here is a wonderful opportunity to come and experience the expertise of London’s best-known husband and wife cooks right here at Massaya Faqra.

Book now for Saturday lunch with dishes by Sam & Sam, June 22 – and here’s a flavour of what you can expect,

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1/ Fried peppers from the town of Padron, Galicia.

2/ Steamed artichokes with chopped prawns, and caper salsa.

3/ Chicken brik with harissa.

4/ Deep fried wild cucumber fries, with dill yoghurt

5/ Salt cod and tomato salad with sherry vinegar and olives

6/ Almond gazpacho

7/ Wild asparagus tortilla

Main Course

Charcoal grilled lamb, or fish catch of the day with smoked paprika and anchovy butter, raw courgette salad and ‘Patatas al pobres’


Yoghurt cake/soufflé with Gaziantep pistachios

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