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February 02 - February 03 , at Faqra
Crêpes & Chandeleur
We’re celebrating the charming tradition of Chandeleur at Massaya Faqra this weekend, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February. 

Add to your weekend a little bit of magic that says, flip a crêpe on the Fireplace to make your wish of the year come true. The roundness and golden colour of the crêpe reminds us of the sun and its rays, symbolizing a good harvest and a good year and the 2nd of February marks the official start of a longer day and the come back of the sun to a longer stay.

One thing’s for certain, the Fireplace restaurant will be warm and welcoming – and bursting with crêpes.

Specials of this week: crêpe salée, black angus rib, crêpe sucrée

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At Massaya Faqra we make Moments Heureux come true!

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