May 01 - May 01 , at Faqra
Arak workshop at Faqra on Labor Day
Arak is the spirit of the nation… pure and clear in the bottle yet mysteriously cloudy in the glass. The intriguing story of arak stretches back over the centuries and today this distilled experience pours from the dark blue bottles of Massaya Arak.

We would like to share with you the fascinating process of creating arak at a workshop and brunch that we’re hosting at Massaya Faqra on the 1st of May. 

Against a background of oud music, you will hear about the Obeïdi grape that is native to Lebanon and from which we take the juice to start the arak journey. Come and join us to monitor and participate in the triple distillation process that will transform the wine into Massaya Arak. Best of all, enjoy sampling the arak that we have been making with such care and respect for nature’s gifts since we opened our distillery in 1992.

On the day of the workshop there will be a special spring brunch of seasonal dishes with an arak cocktail bar, open arak and wine… and by the time you leave you’ll know as much as we do about Lebanon’s distinctive national drink. Well, almost as much…

  • Arak workshop at Faqra on Labor Day
  • Arak workshop at Faqra on Labor Day
  • Arak workshop at Faqra on Labor Day
Book your place at the workshop on +961 70 122414.
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