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March 02 - March 02 , at Faqra
All that jazz
  • Jazz
  • Fondue
  • Pizza
A groovy night at Massaya Faqra

There’s a great night of music, wining and dining coming up at Massaya Faqra and you won’t want to miss it. Come and hear the Three Town Jazz Trio playing at the Fireplace restaurant on Saturday March 2.

The food will be served in a delicious Massaya buffet combining menus from the Fireplace and SunsetBar. So help yourself to salads, grilled vegetables, friké, pizza, fondue, hamburgers, gigot a la ficelle. All Massaya wines and arak are available, but we think vin chaud will be a favourite choice on this chilly night. 

Three fabulous musicians will be making the music – pianist Pim van Harten, Alain Aoun on bass and Dani Shukri on drums. The Three Town trio has an extensive repertoire from up tempo to smooth romantic. You might want to get up and follow the beat.
Jazz lovers will enjoy the buffet (served 8-9.30pm). After 9:30 the regular menu a la carte will be served at the Fireplace.

Please note the SunsetBar will be closed that evening. The action’s at the Fireplace.

Bookings on 70122414