Mission and Values

Massaya is the essence of modern day Lebanon. Through the quality of our wines, the native flavours of our restaurants and the warmth of our hospitality we deliver a message of sophistication, happiness and welcome.
While we have drawn on the experience of our two French partners – Hebrard in Bordeaux and Brunier in Chateauneuf-du-Pape – we are at heart winemakers of Lebanon. Our ancestors are our inspiration.
One of the great monuments to our art is the Temple of Bacchus on the impressive Roman site at Baalbeck. Bacchus, or Dionysus, was god of wine and the grape harvest and although winemaking was developed centuries earlier by the Phoenicians, the temple stands as a tribute to the importance of vines in our culture.
At Massaya, we have made it our goal to be heirs of these masters of the Mediterranean and makers of wine. We are building on tradition with a commitment to a brand that carries the good name of Lebanon to the world.

We rely on our honesty and integrity to achieve our aims. We commit to being industrious and self-sufficient and among our staff we put a high value on team spirit. Raising the quality standard is an ongoing crusade and we encourage the creativity of everyone who works for us.
Nature is sacred to us. We are doing all that we can to reverse the environmental abuses of past generations and to bring new life to land that has been neglected. 

Lebanon often receives negative media treatment which we think can give the wrong impression of our country. Through the quality of our products and the reputation of our brand we hope to emphasise the more joyful side. We welcome visitors to our wineries in the Beqaa and at Faqra where we are always open and pleased to see visitors. We believe that wine and arak can help to spread the word that Lebanon is open for business in a spirit of tolerance and coexistence. Please come and see us or join us on Facebook and Twitter.