The core of our team has been with us for the last 20 years, and as we grew, their families grew with us; as we prospered, they gained self-confidence and skills. We are proud of our multicultural and diverse team, and we are proud when we hear them recognizing that we helped them work on themselves and that Massaya’s philosophy helped them take a more global perspective on life.


Our first major initiative to protect our natural environment was set up in 2001. That year, we launched the Stop Plastic Bags program, providing our staff with a garde manger and reusable textile bags. Under this program, those who chose to utilize plastic bags were asked to donate 1,000 LBP to the Massaya Social Action Fund. In this way, we were able to change the behavior of our team members, as well as greatly reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in our vineyards and restaurants. Continuing in the spirit of our sustainable approach, we expanded our program in 2019, moving from the coercive methods of our early days to more innovative preventive measures. We equipped all vehicles with reusable hampers and recycled bags to limit pollution and increase awareness.


We can ask our team to go the extra mile because they know that we don’t spare efforts to keep the name of Lebanon in high esteem around the world. The Ghosns leave their families at home for extended periods and travel the world to reinforce the Massaya name amongst the international wine connoisseurs, while our team works tirelessly to maintain the traditions of our ancestors, the Phoenicians.

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