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May 01 - May 01 , at Faqra
Labor Day is Arak Day at Faqra

Massya Faqra is opening a new season of fine food, wine and arak to celebrate Labor Day.

The start of May marks the return of the popular Faqra Sunday brunch and buffet and on Labor Day the menu has extra features that will emphasise Lebanon’s contribution to world cuisine. The menu has also been created to complement arak, our nation’s traditional spirit. Lebanese cuisine and the mystical cloudy arak work together to make a memorable meal.

We reveal the secrets of Lebanon’s special spirit!

Arak has a special place in the Massaya story because it was our first bottling at Tanail even before we began wine production 20 years ago. We want to share that story with you, so we are making Labor Day an arak day at Faqra. We will be demonstrating the triple distillation process that turns obeidi grapes into cool clear spirit.  and as a bonus And guess what? You will be able to sample arak at its full cask strength.

You’ll learn a lot about arak from our demonstration and get to enjoy Massaya’s home-made arak cocktails!

May 1st Menu


Saj: kéchék, zaatar…
Féta & Halloum in olive oil
Labné, olives and fresh vegetables corner
Assortment of kaék and home baked bread

 Grated carrot salad with pomelo and ginger
Quinoa Taboulé with falafel chunks
Quinoa Taboulé with curry chickpeas
Taboulé with debs rémène
Taboulé with lemon sauce and zest
Fattouch with sumac
Kibbé batata with walnuts
Purée nimoise
Babaghanouje with ginger

 Kibbé beetroot with quinoa and labné
Kibbé pumpkin with quinoa and mushroom
Kibbé spinach with quinoa and goat cheese
Kibbé bil saniyé
Sweet potatoe hachis parmentier with sauce gastrique

Paëlla flambée with arak
Whole roasted salmon
Chicken wings with garlic and coriendar
Chicken tajin with friké
Homemade hamburgers
Filet mignon

Chocolate and halawa pie
Lemon pie with orange blossom flower water
Chocolate and tahini truffles
Biscuits and raha
Halawat el riz

Arak cocktail bar
Oud band

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Labor Day is an international celebration of the achievements of working people – and that includes our teams who work for you at Massaya. Come to Faqra on May 1st and experience the best food, wine and arak from Lebanon.

Don't miss our special Arak cocktail bar and Oud band.
For inquiries and reservations telephone +961 70 122 414