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Just when it looked as if our higher altitude vineyards would be facing a drought this year, something rather wonderful happened. Soft clouds rolled in and gentle rain fell, caressing the vines and trickling down to the roots.

That was at the beginning of May, the day we were hosting our popular arak workshop at Faqra. Wet weather was a surprise but this mild rainfall was very welcome. It’s good for the health of the vines when the roots get extra nourishment during the blossoming season and it’s usually a signal for a high quality harvest.
By the end of winter we calculated there had been around 40 percent less rainfall than usual and we were expecting this to have an effect on the harvest – basically low volumes but no loss of quality. This was the pattern in 2012.

After the rains in May we now think we’ll end up about 20 percent below regular rainfall. That won’t be enough for high yields from the vines but it was more than enough to boost our morale. We’re now confident the plants will have survived the drought period without damage and without affecting their sustainability and we look forward to another successful harvest in this our 20th year of winemaking.

The celebrations for our anniversary are already under way. Towards the end of May we welcomed the first of our international guest chefs when Melissa O’Donnell from New York presented her menu at the Fireplace. We have further visits planned featuring Mark Hix from England and Daniel Hebet from Provence.

We will be celebrating with various events through the summer and we welcome sales teams visiting us from the US, France, UK and Switzerland. This is an indication of how Massaya is embracing globalization and widening its reach and reputation around the world.

And yet, however much progress we make, we never forget that in winemaking we are always at the mercy of the weather.
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